Learning, Teaching and Training Activity - Ljubljana 2015

Published: Tuesday, 12 May 2015


The consortium partners of Linpilcare organise in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from September 7th - untill September 11th 2015:
learning, teaching and training activity on:

  • what are effective professional learning communities (PLC)?
  • what are the results of world wide research on effective professional learning of teachers?


LINPILCARE will present the draft of the frame of reference they developed on LINPILCARE. (How can practitioner inquiry be linked to results of academic research via professional learning communities) and will ask feedback on it from participants and the leader of the LTT-activity.


The sessions on effective PLC and on effective professional learning will be led by miss Gene Thompson-Grove, facilitator and coach in transformational learning for excellence from Masachussets (USA). Gene works for the school reform initiative in the USA.


You can attend this course as guest. To attend this course in half board, you pay € 600 (tuition fee € 300 - half board € 300). If you only want to attend the course you pay a tuition fee of € 300.



Residential course in Ljubljana.

Course: ZAVOD ZA ŠOLSTVO, Poljanska Street 28, Ljubljana

Hotel: Hotel Meksiko, Njegoševa street 6K, Ljubljana.

It starts on Monday September  7th , 2015 at 3:00 pm and ends on Friday September the 11th , 2015 at 2.00 pm. = 28 contact hours



Delegates will be asked to write a short case study prior to the course. They will get access to the SharePoint on which there will be some pre-course reading materials available.




  • Will develop an understanding of:

      the evidence on effective professional learning;

      the evidence on effective professional learning communities;

      How they can apply, practise effective professional learning in their institution;

      How they can apply, practise effective professional learning communities in their institution;.

  • Will be able to deploy strategies to introduce, implement and institutionalize effective professional learning via professional learning communities.
  • Will be able to use intelligently supporting instruments, and gear them to their specific needs and contexts.
  • Will have the opportunity to confer with members of the Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership Linpilcare  2014-1-BE02-ka201-000432.



The guiding methodological principle of the course will be ‘practise what you preach’. The course is led by Gene Thompson-Groves, facilitator and coach in Transformational Learning for Excellence. She works for the School Reform Initiative in the United States. The team will apply the principles underlying effective IST to this particular course. Among other things this means that the methodology of the course is based on the constructivist learning principle, which allows for active and interactive participation, as a result of which participants will be able to integrate new knowledge, understanding and skills into their existing repertoire.



An e-learning environment (SharePoint) is at the disposal of participants. This will enable them to keep in touch after the course. It will also enable them to download relevant documents that will be posted on the e-learning environment and be informed of future initiatives and developments in the area.



Europass Mobility certificate – Certificate of attendance including description of objectives.



€ 600,00 – tuition + half board (double room, breakfast, breaks and lunch)

€ 300,00 - if you attend only for the course.



In order to offer your organization high quality IST courses for your staff, DNI organizes the IST and makes an agreement with your organization on a.o.:

Practical things:

  • Location, catering, day and hour of starting and ending, number of tutors;
  • The programme of the IST day by day and the number of contact hours;
  • The preparation of the participants to participate on the IST;
  • The syllabus;
  • The follow up of the IST via OER;
  • The price of the IST, (tuition fee and accommodation)

Learning arrangements:

  • The learning needs of the participant(s);
  • The operational objectives of the IST;
  • The way of learning during the IST;
  • The methodology of the IST;
  • Sharing documents and learning experiences.



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Website: http//int.nascholing.be



Rik Vanderhauwaert

Tel : 0032 2 507 07 850032 2 507 07 85

Fax : 0032 2 507 08 00

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In collaboration with the consortium partners of Linpilcare.



• Any cancellation made in the 3rd and 2nd week  before the start of the course will result in the payment  of 50% of the invoice by the participant.

• Any cancellation made one week before the start of the course will result in the payment  of 70% of the invoice by the participant.

• Cancellation at the beginning of the course (no show) will result in the payment  of the total amount of the invoice by the participant.


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