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Who are we?

The County Schools Training Centre of Almada - AlmadaForma was created on 4 July 2008 and joined the two existing training centers in Almada County: Training Centre of the Association of Almada West-Proformar Schools (1993-2008) and the Almada-Tejo Training Centre (1993-2008). The AlmadaForma Training Centre (2009-2014) inherited the educational and training heritage of valuable action of two pioneering centers of Almada municipality. Currently, AlmadaForma Training Centre, based in the Secondary School of Monte de Caparica - Caparica Schools Group, serves about 2,000 teachers and 500 non-teaching staff of 2 not grouped schools and 13 county school groups.


What do we do?

The AlmadaForma Training Centre tries to act strategically, with a sense of autonomy and transformative leadership, guided by universal values and principles of citizenship, mobilizing efforts and changing opportunities to promote education in (dis)integrated involvement, training continuously made compatible between individual, professional and organizational interests, serving contextualized priorities identified in the "central nervous system" of schools on the basis of educational projects (national and european), with the necessary refocusing of the training offer in adequacy and quality, responsibly shared and accepted by the actors on educational process.


What can we do for you?

The AlmadaForma Training Centre seeks to give greater significance and effectiveness to training, acknowledging the challenges within the classroom, organizational culture, leadership, school management and administration, promoting the organisation of effective, positive co-construction and the creation of high quality networks of partners, helping to add value and validity to the training process, anchoring it firmly in the concrete realities of schools and their dynamics.


How can you contact us?

You can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Where do we stand for?

The AlmadaForma Training Centre seeks to develop its practice in communication processes, recognising and appreciating the teachers and the students who are involved in continuous improvement - the eternal learners.

With a research-oriented vision for formative action that collaboration among professionals as well as in schools and local contexts and geared to sustained improvement, has revisit training arrangements with different potential, according to thematic / problem processing and the respective target audiences.


Our contribution to the project

Developing, monitoring and supervision of a pilot study in different schools, with teachers from different school years, where the three pillars of the project (practitioner inquiry; access to results of academic research and professional learning communities - PLC) will be applied, developed and reflected on using a process of triangulation.

We intend to contribute evidence-based results to the scientific community. These results will be based around the continued professional development of teachers and the learning outcomes of students.

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